3D Volumetric Modeling of Project Data in ESdat using EVS or MVS

EarthScience Information Systems Pty Ltd (EScIS) is the developer of ESdat geo-environmental data management software.

ESdat is used worldwide and is the most widely used groundwater & environmental data management and analysis package in the Asia-Pacific region.

ESdat now includes the ability to write C Tech’s chemistry and geology files and integrates with C Tech’s Preview and Launch Menu to quickly model your volumetric data residing in ESdat.  To see just how easy it can be take a look at:


Whether your project is a local gas station or the strategic petroleum reserves, C Tech’s Earth Science Software provides you with the power you need. When used with EScIS’ ESdat environmental data management software, you can now move from data collection to three-dimensional modeling faster than ever before possible.

For more information about ESdat visit www.ESdat.com e-mail: info@ESdat.com or call: 678.406.0106 (U.S.) or +61 2 8875 7948 (Australia).