Earth Science Software

C Tech’s Earth Volumetric Studio unites advanced gridding, geostatistical analysis, and fully three-dimensional visualization tools into a software system developed to address the needs of all Earth science disciplines. The graphical user interface is integrated with modular analysis and graphics routines. These modules can be customized and combined to satisfy the analysis and visualization needs of any application. The software is used by organizations worldwide¬†to analyze all types of analyte and geophysical data in any environment (e.g. soil, groundwater, surface water, air, etc.).

The model below is a web-published 3D interactive model which can be viewed on any device and platform. Click to activate and you can zoom, pan and rotate.

Coastal Facility with groundwater contamination

C Tech’s software is used by government agencies, universities and companies around the world. Our customers include the United Nations, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Environment Canada, U.S. Geological Survey, British Geological Survey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of Energy Laboratories, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, U.S. Department of Transportation, and the majority of the world’s largest engineering and environmental consulting firms.

Environmental database and data management software products such as Microsoft Excel & Access, ESRI’s ArcView, ArcINFO and ArcGIS, gINT Professional and EarthSoft’s EQuIS, & EScIS’ ESdat are also supported.